Friday, September 29, 2006

Today, I had to call State Farm to cancel my car insurance policy that I had with them about two weeks ago, because i found one cheaper elsewhere. The lady, as would do any good business person, was trying all she could to keep her clients, but that would not work with me. There is no way they could match the price I had with my no name company. She wanted me to send her the quote I have gotten so she could see what she could do for me about her price. I had to ask her one simple question: "Why have you not done that for me when I first came?" Guess what? She had no answer. State Farm has a policy, I can cancel my insurance within the next 30 days for a full refund of my down payment. Now, probably she was hoping to try not refunding me, she told me that in order for her to cancel the policy, she needs proof of insurance on the car from the other company as per the state law. That I did not know, but unfortunately for her, I had that. I faxed her the insurance ID Card. She said, that this was nothing, that she needed the declaration page. Again, I had one question for her: "If you cop pull you over and ask you to show your proof of insurance what would you show"? Her answer was the ID Card. Then I told her that she had proof of insurance from me then. These people think they are the smartest people on earth. When I came to her office, I was all quiet and nice with them, which is why they think they could take advantage of me. NEGATIVE! Not me babe! I know how people run business, speacially greedy people. They are never on your side, all they is know their pocket, we are the ones who's got to open our eyes, and talk. They added some Hospital Income and car rental thing to the policy that I did not asked for. They did not even offer it, they just gave it to me. Now it's too late to remove what I never knew that I had or work on the price on whatever it was. They had that chance the first day I came.


At 3:57 PM , Blogger Zion said...

Good for you brother!


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