Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 years later I found my old blog

Ok, since I am too lazy to setup wordpress on my server and host a blog on my website, I will be using this blog here to tell you guys about what I have been doing, projects I have been working on untill I can take some times to setup wordpress. In fact, I am not that lazy. Its just that I am really busy right now focussing on my startup company, and keeping up with my ongoing freelance projects. More details will be revealed soon about my startup. Things are going great so far. The launch date is set for November 20th. I will be presenting it at E2Tech, a technology fair in my home country. Why here? Because it is geared towards small and medium businesses in Haiti at least for now. So it is the best opportunity I can get to let people know about it. I am working hard on the website, bought the domain name few weeks ago and getting ready for my demo in November. I will keep you posted here about new developments.

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