Friday, August 28, 2009

My journey at the FDA

The Office of Generic Drug at FDA has decided to rollout the review flow system I was developing for them. Right before the end of my term with them and after days of testing and fixing bugs, they finally roll it out live, and everything went well. I Cannot give that much information about it because of NDA, but I can tell you it is a great web application that will help the reviewers, project managers and the directors to perform their daily task better, while increasing productivity and decrease delays in approving new drug application.

On monday, the Director of the office along with a project manager and a supervisor treated me to dinner to thank me for my hard work. I was given a certificate/plaque of appreciation the next day. I felt very special that day while he was explaining me the impact the project will have in the office and that they were dreaming to have a tool like that to work with. He told me if I come back in 10 years, this same system might still be in use (which I doubt), because most of the time, that is the way things work in the government (Legacy Systems) :-)

Yes, I have developed great tools at Box Telecom, and did great stuff since I started programming, but this is the first time I worked on such a huge project which I did about 80-90% of it and that will be used by soooooooo many people in the long run (2000+ ppl).

That's cool!



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Congrats Bro.



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